“Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations." - Peter F. Drucker

To coach a leader is to prepare the context, personal and professional, within which a group or team is mostly likely to flourish.

What can leadership and team coaching do for you?

Coaching provides a high level confidential thinking and accountability partnership which will  maximise your unique leadership qualities.  New models for resourceful thinking and behaviour will be generated from within this supportive partnership.

Are you a leader who is experiencing or wanting significant personal, professional or organisational change and looking for a plan which will enable you to meet your objectives?

If your answer is "yes", then the coaching process will help you to:

  • re-imagine and clarify your personal vision and mission and that of the organization.
  • set and achieve empowering  goals  which result in significant shifts.
  • equip you to identify and overcome obstacles to  sustainable success.
  • maximise individual and corporate strengths, improve less developed areas and empower teams. (This process can include team coaching.)
  • position yourself and your team to make the external changes and emotional transitions required.
  • facilitate team conversations which allow all members to take responsibility for their own development, respect others  and be respected for their unique contribution to joint processes.
  • accelerate the learning and integration of leaders and team members into new roles.
  • ensure that the plan allows for personal transformation through the change.

What motivates me to coach leaders and teams?

"As a coach working in corporate environments, education and NGO's, I am inspired when leaders transform themselves and are empowered to realise their potential, drive and manage change and create the environment for others to make their unique contribution.  The coaching process with one leader impacts positively on a huge number of people. That excites me."

Juliette Gyure (Far Sight Coaching), a professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation, a credentialed Comensa coach practitioner and an Integrative Enneagram practitioner.

"A leader is one who... has more faith in people than they do, and . . . who holds opportunities open long enough for their competence to re-emerge.”
- Margaret Wheatley