Juliette has the ability to teach you skills and tools that enable you not just to become a better leader but a more authentic human being ...

- Rekha Nathoo, Director of CINDI (Children in Distress Network)

Juliette has a wonderful way of connecting deeply with people and affirming their aspirations to bring about positive change.

Because she is authentic, she creates real bonds of trust so that people know they are safe with her. In this space she creates, her one-on-one clients and her workshop delegates experience a new sense of possibility and excitement about their future. They are able to tap into motivating energy and embrace new ways of doing things and more productive ways of approaching their work and play.

Juliette is a competent workshop facilitator, and in the school space, we are delighted to have a trainer who brings an empathetic understanding of classroom practice to Thinking Schools South Africa (TSSA)’s work with heads and teachers. Her commitment and passion drive her successful leadership of community school projects.

Because managing a school nowadays is increasingly about adapting to change, TSSA is excited about the coaching skills that Juliette can offer school leadership teams. Now they can have a thinking partner to guide the transformation of great concepts into everyday reality.

- Jane McIntyre, CEO of Thinking Schools South Africa

Juliette’s leadership coaching style gives me room to come to grips with my latent ideas, lifting them to such levels of clarity that pursuing them becomes sheer joy.

- Dr Rev Mvume Dandala, former president of Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary

Juliette Gyure was employed by Oxfam Australia as a career coach in 2015 to support staff due to the closure of Oxfam Australia in South Africa. Juliette was instrumental during our closure in providing our staff members with the tools they required to move forward in their chosen career paths. She assisted staff members with CV writing, highlighting their areas of strength, how to prepare for interviews, how best to answer interview questions, selecting study courses and how to focus on life after Oxfam. Juliette also assisted us further in our Change Management workshops and provided one on one support to each staff member. Juliette’s professional coaching and mentoring has been praised by each staff member and her guidance and insight invaluable during a difficult and emotional time for the Oxfam Team. I would recommend Juliette as a career coach and mentor to any organization and hope to use her services in the future.

- Gina Blackburn, Human Resources Manager, Oxfam Australia(in SA)

 The integrated coaching methodology you used and which was aligned to my 7 focus areas transformed me from undervalued BEE Window Dresser,  to an independent entreprenuer and advisor to  national, regional and international organizations in the field of agriculture.
Thank you very much for all the support.

- Njabulo Zwane, Founder and Executive Director at PPP4rural development
I engaged Juliette as a coach when I was going through a transition in my career.   I had outgrown my job, and Juliette helped me to identify not only my strengths but also what was important to me in the work place and in my life outside of work. She then helped me to set  clear goals that focussed my mind,gave me direction and ignited my passion. Since then, I have moved into a new industry, and am using the tools that Juliette gave me to be successful.  I would recommend the coaching process to anyone looking to make a step up in their lives. Her blog has also been a source of inspiration and enjoyment.

- David Douglas, currently campaign manager at EC3

 What a gift you were in keeping me sailing so close to my soul in my business dealings.

- Lee Ann Mounter, commercial director Ensphere Consulting, UK

I have found Juliette’s ability to listen adeptly to be unparalleled through my many encounters with professionals in similar fields... She is able to hold up a mirror to a client's life and assist her in mapping a way forward that embraces strengths and empowers weakness. She has the gift of applying just the right coaching tools at just the right time..."

- Anna Layman, senior pastor of Hawley Methodist Church, Pennsylvania, USA

Juliette worked with me when I relocated from South Africa to Shanghai. It was a difficult transition. However, Juliette's coaching gave me the skills and space to turn all these challenges into positive experiences. She kept me focused throughout this transition so that I could keep working towards my longer-term goals. Juliette played a significant role in making sure my time in Shanghai was an enriching and enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone anticipating a relocation or transition in their lives.

- Laura Gibson LAHP Researcher, PhD Candidate,
Projects & Programmes Manager (Part-time) at Collections Trust

Juliette brings a unique blend of intuitive insight, non-judgement, creativity and passionate encouragement to the  coaching process. She is skilled in all the technical aspects of coaching, but is not bound by a textbook approach, being able to adapt to the unique needs and circumstances of her clients.

- Roger Scholtz, senior minister at Kloof Methodist Church

I found Juliette to embody just the right amount of compassion, understanding, resourcefulness and persistence in engaging with me as someone she coached.

- Meera Lavine

I enjoyed working with Juliette as a professional coach. Her insight and professionalism made each coaching session a pleasure to work through. Her in-depth understanding of change provided new perspectives to challenges faced in the workplace and means to creatively deal with those Her warmth and openness made each session productive and enjoyable.

- Mary Ann Chetty: Senior Innovations Manager NMMU

 On her LinkedIn profile, Juliette understates her flexibility in working with a diversity of sectors. She coached me in my career as a visual artist in the most effective way; I was able to over come my artist's block and become a practicing professional artist.

- Bernice Stott: visual artist, lecturer, Anglican priest,
facilitator of The Artist's Way groups

I have known Juliette as a coach and colleague in COMENSA for a number of years. I enjoy her authenticity, empathy and integrity as a coach which she balances with insightful questioning and holding to account. She is a dedicated professional.

- Graham Keegan, owner and executive director of Choice Point

Juliette is highly capable of being unfazed by detail and content and has the ability to hold many mind maps from the client’s thinking and pull the threads together in a way that allows the coachees to see their thinking.  Juliette has the ability to ask questions that focus the coachee on forward thinking, preventing them from getting lost in the detail. Those who are fortunate to be coached by Juliette will benefit from her wide coaching knowledge, her obvious skills and her positive, empathic attitude.

- Dominique Nass, a coaching colleague and owner of Just Dom


Juliette is a colleague whom I hold in the highest esteem. I have worked with Juliette at various times over the years – specifically  when I have been either undergoing or contemplating some kind of life transition. I have found her to be invaluable as a coach. She asks intuitive questions that cut to the heart of the matter, enabling me to unravel what seems overwhelmingly complex, and find the route to change and transformation. I have also recommended her to clients who were going through their own transitions – and I have never had anything less than glowing feedback on her coaching.

- Belinda Davies, owner and executive director of Leadership Solutions