“If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track, which has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living.” - Joseph Campbell.

Far Sight offers coaching and process facilitation with a particular focus on change. It takes seriously what change means to individuals in their personal capacity as well as to leaders of organizations or teams. Juliette has developed, both through significant personal experience as well as through her enduring work with other people, a deep interest in what change demands of us, including the personal transitions and transformations required by the process. Turning challenges into opportunities for growth is integral to coaching.

In organizations coaching in times of change and transformation might be offered to persons in the following situations:

  •  Leaders at any level, particularly those who are required to be agents of change in the organization.
  •  Managers wanting to grow exponentially in their positions and simultaneously require growth in their employees.
  •  Teams undergoing transitions such as re-defining their roles, changing strategic direction, downsizing or the introduction of a new team member or leader.
  •  Individuals promoted to leadership / management positions.
  •  Individuals being fast-tracked within the organization.
  •  Individuals requiring employee assistance which enables them to access their personal talents, skills and strengths in turning challenges into opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Effective skills are often at the heart of managing transformation and change. Skills orientated workshops for leaders and groups include:

  •  Change management and transition skills
  •  Team building skills
  •  Talent management skills
  •  Effective communication skills
  •  Training in leadership skills
  •  Business writing skills

With private individuals Juliette offers:

  •  Career coaching, for people changing careers or people wanting to advance themselves within their current positions or organisations.
  •  Life transition coaching for people who are in any kind of transitional phase. These include changes in marital status, geographical location, life stage or life purpose.
  •  Personal and professional growth coaching. Some of the typical issues include time management, work/life balance, relationships and the identification and growth of our unique strengths.
  •  Creativity coaching which includes supporting writers and artists who require a champion and accountability partner in order to move in the direction of publishing their writing or exhibiting their art work. Creativity coaching is also for those who are not necessarily interesting in publishing or exhibiting, but who want to explore their creative potential for their own enjoyment and development.

How does coaching work?

No two coaching processes are exactly the same because the needs of each individual and organization are different. The following is an outline of the process (with the detail being filled in as we progress along the journey):

  •  Match: The clients meet with Juliette for a one hour face to face or Skype conversation to assess their unique situation and for them to determine if Juliette is the right coach for them.
  •  Contract: Following the match Juliette and the clients enter into a formal coaching agreement which outlines the parameters of the work, including the desired outcomes and Juliette’s roles and responsibilities, as the coach, and those of the clients.
  •  Coach: They meet (face to face or over Skype) for approximately seven one hour sessions of confidential, focused and results oriented coaching, over a period of three to six months. During this time the clients craft their vision for this season of their life, set inspiring goals and create and implement strategies and action plans which will empower them to turn that vision into reality.
  •  Review: Mid way and at the end there will be an opportunity to evaluate the successes and determine the next steps.

"My passion, as someone who has made significant life and career transitions, is to empower others to make transformative changes in their lives."

Juliette Gyure( Far Sight Coaching), a professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation, a credentialed Comensa coach practitioner and an Integrative Enneagram practitioner.